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A Bid for Literacy


Abstract N21, mixed media on canvas, 18"x 24"
Abstract N21, mixed media on canvas, 18″x 24″


This wonderful article is about a very worthy cause and I am greatly honoured to share it with you as it was shared with me. I hope in reading this touching piece you will also take the opportunity to contribute to a great charity. Written by Mr. Rojas for The Literacy Group, and as follows:

Imagine a world in which the simplest of tasks, from shopping for groceries to paying the bills, or even just visiting the ATM, was a daily, uphill struggle. Imagine having to ask for help whenever you filled out a medical form or a job application. Imagine living in the 21st century and being unable to stay in touch with your loved ones – unable to connect with the rest of the world.

For the countless adults in Canada and abroad who still live with low literacy, these and other challenges are all too real. Studies by the OECD have shown that low literacy correlates with poverty, joblessness and poor health outcomes, and it remains a much larger problem in Canada than most would believe. Thousands have found themselves living in desperate conditions without the skills required to improve their lives. As a non-profit organization based in Kitchener-Waterloo, The Literacy Group (TLG) is dedicated to ensuring that this situation is not allowed to continue. Using small groups and one-to-one tutoring, TLG has helped a diverse group of people throughout the Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo regions to achieve their goals and to improve their literacy, numeracy, computer and work skills. Their capable staff and dedicated volunteers work daily to guarantee that anyone who reaches out for help is able to receive it.

If you are interested in contributing to this worthy cause, there is an exciting opportunity to do so this week. Celebrated Canadian artist Elizabeth Elkin, whose work has been and continues to be recognized on an international level, has graciously donated one of her original paintings to be auctioned off by TLG. Ms. Elkin has always been proud to support local charities like TLG and she is especially thrilled to donate her artwork to such a worthy goal. All proceeds from the sale of this beautiful piece, entitled Abstract N 21, will go directly to TLG in support of their literacy programs. We hope that you will seize this chance to take home a unique piece of art while also helping some of our most disadvantaged citizens. The auction opened on September 15th and close on September 22nd. Further information on the auction can be found here, at:

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Oil paintings at CJ’s Cafe in Bronte.

On Vacation, oil on canvas, 30"x 30"
On Vacation, oil on canvas, 30″x 30″


In CJ's Cafe, Bronte
In CJ’s Cafe, Bronte


I have on display my oil paintings at CJ’s cafe in Bronte, Oakville.  The exhibition will run from August 4 till September 01. On display are 13 paintings from different years and you can see variety of subject from still-life to cityscapes. Come and enjoy the charm of Cafe, live music on weekends, gourmet food and beautiful art. This could be one of the last show in that place as the cafe going to have some changes in one month.

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Miniature Paintings

Miniature paintings
Miniature paintings


Old Town, SOLD
Old Town, SOLD


I’m almost ready for the Art in the Park Show in Oakville. I did new collection of my Miniature Oil Paintings for the show. It’s a small sizes of the paintings, 6″x 6″, but it was done by palette knife, and I used the Impasto Technique as I usually using to paint my big paintings.

About Impasto technique:

Impasto can be applied with a brush or palette knife. The paint itself can be used straight from the tube or diluted, to make it malleable yet thick enough to stand upright.

Impasto has been around for a long time and Baroque painters like Rembrandt, Hals and Velazquez used minutely and painstakingly worked impastos to depict lined or wrinkled skin, folds in robes, or the glint of jewellery.

Other famous artists known for their impastoed paintings include: the ‘Action Painter’ Jackson Pollock, the French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and the Expressionist Vincent Van Gogh. 


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Trip to New York

One World Observatory,NYC

One World Observatory was opened just May 29 and I had a chance to visit it. It has 102nd floor, but the main public observation area is on the 100th floor. The Observatory tower uses multi-media videos illustrate 500 years of New York history while visitors climb to the top floors of the tower.

The view from the tower is magnificent, I did a lot of photos and I hoping to paint one day the series of the paintings from this view.

Also I visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, it has a spatial exhibition by Vincent Van Gogh and I was enjoying to see my favorite old masters paintings as well. I spent a lot of time in one of my the most favorite Museum of Modern Art. I also walked a lot in Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, and using subway on my way to the hotel. It’s time for me to continue to paint more paintings about New York City.

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Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul.”

Vincent Van Gogh



The Sky, oil on canvas, 16"x 20"
The Sky, oil on canvas, 16″x 20″

A lot of my paintings was influenced by Van Gogh. I like his expressive brushstrokes, using of color, composition. You can see his influence through the history of art, from the Fauves  
and German Expressionists, Abstract Expressionists and to very contemporary artists. This is just one of his quotes “real painters do not paint things as they are… they paint them as themselves feel them to be”



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Abstract Collage

collage on canvas
collage on canvas, Untitled, 11″x 14″


I’m very interested to continue to do some collage work and in particular the abstract collage. I became interested in the techniques and it reminds me of the cubism movement, which always gives me some inspiration and enjoyment. . 

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Still life Group Exhibition in Twist Gallery, Toronto

Exhibition in Twist Gallery


Here is the view of my paintings inside the Twist Gallery, Toronto. I displayed 8 oil paintings, all are done in impasto technique, using the palette knife. The show run from February 4 till February 27 and you can see at this show also the very interesting paintings by 12 Canadian artists. My peaces are very bright and cheerful, as I like to use the pure colors and in this cases I using the black outline. All paintings I did from the real life in my studio and I usually setup my objects exactly as you an see it on the paintings.