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Untitled N02

Untitled N02, Acrylic on canvas, 20"x 20"
Untitled N02, Acrylic on canvas, 20″x 20″

I’m going to paint more abstract work on canvases, this one I did a few month ago, probably in January. I used acrylic paint and a lot worm colors.


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Daily Abstract Work

Abstract J213, mixed media on paper, 12"x 18
Abstract J213, mixed media on paper, 12″x 16


This is something new for me, it’s very unexpected even for myself. Painting with oil at daytime and mixed media – at evening.

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Beautiful Roofs, oil on canvas, 24"x 30"
Beautiful Roofs, oil on canvas, 24″x 30″

My painting was accepted by jury to the upcoming show Continuum, to be held at the Arts & letters Club Toronto, February 24 to March 23.

This exhibition  is organized by Ontario Society of Artist and I’m very exciting to be part of this show.


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New work: Abstract

Abstract J013
Abstract J013
Mixed media on paper, 15″x 11′
Abstract D012
Abstract D012
mixed media on paper, 11″x 15″
Abstract J113
Mixed media on paper, 12″x 18″


I just started to paint series of abstract work on paper. I’m enjoying it very much and giving myself permission to experiment in these new abstract paintings. I’m using ink, acrylic, gouache, gesso on watercolor paper.



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Some drawings



Number23“Number 23”

The Monster“The Monster”

I’m showing first time some of my drawings from Brain and Technology Series.

I used ink and watercolor on paper. Original drawings.