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My Amazing Art Trip to Europe

I would like to share with you my recent Art trip to Europe.

I visited 6 countries – Czech Republic, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. I was traveling by planes, boat, train, buses, car, trams, subways during my art trip and visited 12 cities: Prague, Milan, Venice, Turin, Vaduz, Zurich, Schaffhausen, Bern, Montreux, Vienna, Salzburg and Budapest.

I was so busy all the time for using my camera and I did thouthands plus photos! I met a lot of people around the world, learned a lot about history, music, cities, countries, architecture and what is more important for me, about Fine Art.

I went to 30 plus places, including the best art museums in the world with amazing Art Collection. I had chance to see a very inspiring exhibition one of my favorite contemporary artist Gerhard Richter in the Prague Art Museum.

I climbed on the top of the 6 towers to shot the rooftops in the different countries and cities: Prague, Venice, Milan, Vienna and Schaffhausen, went on the rooftops of the famous Milan cathedral, which was painted centuries ago by french impressionist artist Claude Monet.  

Well I even went to the Rhine falls to see the bigger falls in Europe, it’s a very powerful, but our Niagara Falls of course is much bigger.

One of the highlight of my trip was to seeing the fresco Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Italy, this is an incredible masterpiece from renaissance era.

I really like the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, with so beautiful collection of the old masters, the building itself is very impressive inside and outside. Albertina Museum and Leopold Museum, has a very impressive collection as well, I was very happy to see oil paintings by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

How about the food? In Europe I found it’s a very delicious, especially the famous Viennese chocolate cake from the famous pastry store Demel. I was enjoyed the music concert in Vienna, music by Mozart and Bach always give me the big inspiration to paint my paintings.     

What the Art trip I have! Just Incredible!!!


In Switzerland






Milan Cathedral








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TA2 Sound + Music in Toronto





I was invited by TA2 Sound + Music to display my works in their place. The showcase will go all summer long and September, all two pieces are for sale too.

 It’s an award-winning audio post-production and recording studio located in Toronto, full of  musicians and creative people. I will hope they can find more inspiration looking at my paintings as well. 


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Review from TOAE, 2017

My Booth SA-40

Brain project by artists


Brain project by artists




On the weekend of 14-16 July, I was participating in the biggest Outdoor Art Show in Toronto -TOAE.
It holds every year in the downtown Toronto, next to the City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square.

It was three days show, for the first day I set up the tent and each day I have to bring the paintings in the morning and when the show end, every single day to take it off and bring back home. In the last day I have to take my tent as well.
I was completely exhausted, thanks to my husband who help me with all this stuff.

We had a big crowd, a lot of diferent art and craft, I think more than 350 artists participated this year.

I’m posting just a few photos from the show, as I was very busy talking to people and didn’t have enough time to go around.

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We Thank You Canada, Music Video

Canada 150th Birthday by Minnal Music “We Thank You Canada”

I’m very proud my granddaughter participated​ in this project, as well as myself​.

A lot of talented​ people were involved in this music video, musicians​, composer, dancers​, ​children​, ​and team who worked very hard., but most important​ with the ​vision of Senthil Thirugnana who made it alive and real.



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Canadian Landmarks II

Collage on wood panel




My painting “Canadian Expressions”, Collage, 30″x 30″ on the display at Canadian Landmarks II, in honor of 150th Anniversary of Confederation. The exhibition will be held from May 23 – June 10, at Milton Centre of the Arts, Colour and Form Society members show.

The work “Canadian Expressions” not only about the mosaic of colors, it’s also representing many cultures of Canadian, who comes from all around the world and find the home in Canada ( including myself).

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CityScapes International Juried Art Exhibition, 2017

Rainy Day

Rainy Day, oil on canvas, 16″x 16″

I’m so delighted that my two paintings won two awards in the different categories in International “CityScapes” Art Competition 2D and 3D artists (including photography) in Light Space &Time Online Art Gallery.

“The gallery received 447 entries from 19 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. In addition, the gallery received entries from 28 different states.”

Current Exhibition

This is are the certificates from the Juried International Competition:

Sunrise in NYC


Rainy Day


Sunrise in NY, oil on canvas, 36"x 48"
Sunrise in NY, oil on canvas, 36″x 48″
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Art Workshop


              Last weekend, I was attending the workshop with renowned Canadian artist Rod Prouse to learn more about abstract.

“What do I want to paint and how do I want it” or “How we can spin our painting to give a voice in the content beyond representation” – this is was workshop description.

We had 12 very enthusiastic artists to learn something new, with different art experiences and background, but with the same desire about to meet a very good artist and experimenting with the new things.

I was using the acrylic paints and my goal was to paint a very non-objective painting inspired by Nature.












I started to paint another abstract acrylic painting on the second day. I was trying to have the bold colors and gestural strokes and paint not a very objective work. But at the end, I kind of lost my non-objective approaching to paint and started to show the landscape image – tree, sky, water…









Well, I think this painting is not finished yet. May be I will paint on the top of my work, to add more layers and texture and going back to non-objective abstract painting.


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Leading with Literasy.

I’m very delightful to be invited to have my solo show Brain &Technology during the event of The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region (TLG) for a night of community engagement, professional development and personal growth!

Brain and Technology show


Brain and Techn.

My paintings from the Brain and Technology series are on display, for the evening of followership and leadership with Samantha & Dr. Marc Hurwitz.

September 7, 2016