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Quick preview from my studio, January 2019






This year I’m continue to paint new series of the abstract works “Searching for Miracle” using the acrylic paint and experimenting with different art mediums. 

But I’m not abandoned my cityscapes and landscapes, which I used to paint last 26 years or more and I’m using the oil paints and palette knife for my expressionism work. 



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My paintings from the New York Urban Series at the Art Toronto International Fair are digitally displaying.

Art Toronto is the Canada largest art fair for the modern and contemporary art.

I’m visiting this show every year to see important artwork from leading Canadian and international galleries.

What is the big surprise at the Art Toronto International Fair this year for myself.

I found two of my paintings are digitally showing at the Samsung Booth. This is the project by SaatchiArt with Samsung “The Frame”.



My three paintings where choosing by Saatchi Art curators among others artists to participate in the Samsung project “The Frame”.  This is a very new innovation technology, when people can renting the images and displaying them on the screen in their homes and offices. 

I was very happy to see my paintings in this important international art fair.




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Art Trip with artists from the OSA to Killarney, Northern Ontario.

Plein Air  Painting “Sky” at the Light House location, Killarney

Time to finish the painting.

Plain Air painting at the Killarney Mountain Lodge.


At the end of September I went to paint with group of artists to Killarney national park. This is a tradition trip from the Ontario Society of Artists. The weather was cold and windy, but I did three paintings in that beautiful location. We stayed at the Killarney Mountain Lodge, we had the delicious food and more important we had a good group of artists to paint together. 




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Trip to London, UK

I had incredible good time in London this summer. For one week I visited a lot of historical sites and museums.

One of my favorite museum in London is National Gallery. It has extensive  collection of fine art from all centuries. I was very excited to see my favorite masterpieces by Velaskes, Titian and of course Van Gogh and much, much more.

It has a  free  entrance and a lot of people can see and learn about fine art any time, I wish to have this idea in Canada.

In National Gallery
Art Class

It nice to see the art classes among beautiful art.


Another my very favorite art museum is Tate  Modern.

I spend  a lot of hours to check the contemporary and modern art. 

Tate Modern


In Tate Modern


View from Tate Modern


What is unbelievable good view from the Tate Modern! It’s also has a free entrance, as a lot of museums in London, love it.

I like to see also the St. Paul Cathedral, it’s so beautiful inside and organ music gives the special feeling, unfortunately they not aloud to take photo inside the buildings.

St. Paul Cathedral


The Royal Observatory, The Tower, Cruise on the Thames river, Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios Tour, the National Air Force show and just walking on the streets gave me and my granddaughter unbelievable time together to explore one of the beautiful city in the world. 

Next step to me just start to paint more cityscapes about London.

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Quick View from the Artist Studio



In March I painted Paris Rooftops and in April I did another cityscape painting – Provence Rooftops.

My rooftops paintings took a lot of time to paint, complicity of the houses, the details, colors range and first from all of this – the importance of the good Composition. 


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January News

I’m very pleased to inform that my two paintings where choosing by curators to be featured on the Saatchi Art’s Homepage.

One work is my Cityscape, In Times Square, from Urban Series was featured in the New The Week 1-8-2018 Collection, homepage:

In Times Square, oil on canvas, 30″x 48″


Another my painting, abstract “Forwardly” was featured this Week 1-29-2018 in the New Abstract Expressionism Paintings Collection on Saatchi Art’s homepage:

Forwardly, acrylic on canvas, 24″x 20″


This is a very exciting news for me, as the Saatchi Art is very prestigious online art gallery, who is not only show and sell artists works online, but also organized International Art Fair around the world, for example in UK, USA, Australia

I’m wishing to participate one day in the International Art Fair,  as I already has invitation to show my work in Art Shopping, Louvre, Paris and in another international art shows.

But to be an independent artist this is a very difficult tasks and I’m looking for sponsor who can support me in this art adventure.

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Holiday Gifts for Everyone.

I have online Holiday Gifts Event in my True Art Gallery! 

This is the first time when I have sale online on my page for the Miniature Paintings.

Usually I showing them and selling at the outdoor art shows, it help me to cover show expenses, if I don’t have good sale for the bigger works.

Artist have to pay a lot of money, for entries fee, for the booth place and promotion.
It’s not easy to sell the fine art, it’s a very challenging job and the little one, not very expensive Original Painting sometimes helps.

This time I decided to do something different.

I have promotion coupon as well on my page: GIFT10 just for this little paintings- 10% of price.

You can find it on my shop: Holiday Gifts

The coupon still valid till December 18, 2017

Small paintings, oil on canvas
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OSA 2017 Member’s Exhibition of Selected Works at the Joseph Carrier Gallery, Toronto

I’m participating one more time at the very prestigious show of the Ontario Society of Artist 2017 – Member’s Exhibition of Selected Works.

This time I decided to show my abstract painting “Recollect”, oil on canvas, 30″x 36″


Recollect, oil on canvas, 30″x 36″



OSA members show


The show is going from the November 6 to the December 8 at the Joseph D. Carrier Gallery in Toronto.

If you are in Toronto, go to visit this beautiful place which located in downtown and look at the inspiring pieces of the very talented Canadian artists.


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9 Artists Exhibition in AAVOO Gallery

Destination, acrylic on wood, 30″x 40″



OOVAA Gallery



I had 4 my paintings displayed at the brand new OOVAA Gallery in Oakville.

We had a grand opening reception  October 14, from 7:30pm to 10:00 pm and the show was running from October 14 to October 22

This place is part of Oakville Vision Art Academy and in the Fine Art are teaching by Master Chinese artists. 




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My Amazing Art Trip to Europe

I would like to share with you my recent Art trip to Europe.

I visited 6 countries – Czech Republic, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. I was traveling by planes, boat, train, buses, car, trams, subways during my art trip and visited 12 cities: Prague, Milan, Venice, Turin, Vaduz, Zurich, Schaffhausen, Bern, Montreux, Vienna, Salzburg and Budapest.

I was so busy all the time for using my camera and I did thouthands plus photos! I met a lot of people around the world, learned a lot about history, music, cities, countries, architecture and what is more important for me, about Fine Art.

I went to 30 plus places, including the best art museums in the world with amazing Art Collection. I had chance to see a very inspiring exhibition one of my favorite contemporary artist Gerhard Richter in the Prague Art Museum.

I climbed on the top of the 6 towers to shot the rooftops in the different countries and cities: Prague, Venice, Milan, Vienna and Schaffhausen, went on the rooftops of the famous Milan cathedral, which was painted centuries ago by french impressionist artist Claude Monet.  

Well I even went to the Rhine falls to see the bigger falls in Europe, it’s a very powerful, but our Niagara Falls of course is much bigger.

One of the highlight of my trip was to seeing the fresco Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Italy, this is an incredible masterpiece from renaissance era.

I really like the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, with so beautiful collection of the old masters, the building itself is very impressive inside and outside. Albertina Museum and Leopold Museum, has a very impressive collection as well, I was very happy to see oil paintings by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

How about the food? In Europe I found it’s a very delicious, especially the famous Viennese chocolate cake from the famous pastry store Demel. I was enjoyed the music concert in Vienna, music by Mozart and Bach always give me the big inspiration to paint my paintings.     

What the Art trip I have! Just Incredible!!!


In Switzerland






Milan Cathedral