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Artist during the isolation time.

Working in the isolation during the pandemic is not big difference between normal artist time and isolation time. Almost all artists during the normal days are spending hours in the art studios creating the masterpieces.

The problem is during the isolation time the artists fased, it’s not enough art supplies you can buy. But now the stores started operated and some art supplies are available in the art stores. Mostly they are shipping online, and waiting time is extended.

My isolation time was quite productive. I started new series of abstract works ” Secrets from the Garden“. Two paintings from that series were already accepted to the Online Art Exhibition “Gay Gardens, hosted by John Aird art gallery , Toronto

Also I painted a few landscapes and small cityscapes as well.

Poised to be a posy, acrylic on canvas, 20″x 30″

It’s very important when artists are supported by selling the art during this difficult time, when all art shows postponed and art galleries closed. I was very lucky to have support from my loyal customers and I wish them to enjoy my paintings year after year.