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Memories from Art Trip In Europe.

I had a chance to visit Denmark, Netherland and France in August.

I was starting in Copenhagen, went to see the beautiful castles and art Museums.

My favorite was the Louisiana Modern Art.

Louisiana Modern Art Museum is one of the best. Its located 40 km north of Copenhagen, and it was absolutely worth to visit. Collections, installations, special exhibitions, beautiful park with sculptures around and view over sea is just unbelievable!

In Copenhagen I visited a lot of beautiful castles, museums and of course one of my favorite writer Hans Christian Andersen fairy story places.

My next stop was Amsterdam.

Well, my favorite art museums were just around the corner, Reykjavik art museum, Van Gogh Art museum, Steljick Modern Art and Moco contemporary museum. I was very busy to check all of them.

But the very enjoyable place was the Rembrandt house and Artist Studio. I learned a lot about his colors, paints and workshop.

Guess, where I was lost by tour bus – it was Delft, and may be it was my destination place. I had incredible time at the Vermeer Art Centre. My dream came true.

How I can go to Europe and not visiting Paris? Yes, I did it ofcourse, speed train from Amsterdam to Paris took only 3h 20min, it was fast.

In Paris I was incredibly busy to check my bucket list, so much to see even it was my third time to visit my favorite city in the world. Opera Garnier, Montmartre and Montmartre museum, Picasso museum, Jardin de Luxembourg,  Atelier de Lumières – Van Gogh light show, Louis Vuitton foundation, Eiffel Tower, Petit Palace and I just walked around a lot. 

Well, I managed to shot my favorite rooftops from unusual places and one of them was riding on the Roue de Paris, ferris wheel.

What is the incredible time I had in August in Europe!