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Trip to London, UK

I had incredible good time in London this summer. For one week I visited a lot of historical sites and museums.

One of my favorite museum in London is National Gallery. It has extensive  collection of fine art from all centuries. I was very excited to see my favorite masterpieces by Velaskes, Titian and of course Van Gogh and much, much more.

It has a  free  entrance and a lot of people can see and learn about fine art any time, I wish to have this idea in Canada.

In National Gallery
Art Class

It nice to see the art classes among beautiful art.


Another my very favorite art museum is Tate  Modern.

I spend  a lot of hours to check the contemporary and modern art. 

Tate Modern


In Tate Modern


View from Tate Modern


What is unbelievable good view from the Tate Modern! It’s also has a free entrance, as a lot of museums in London, love it.

I like to see also the St. Paul Cathedral, it’s so beautiful inside and organ music gives the special feeling, unfortunately they not aloud to take photo inside the buildings.

St. Paul Cathedral


The Royal Observatory, The Tower, Cruise on the Thames river, Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios Tour, the National Air Force show and just walking on the streets gave me and my granddaughter unbelievable time together to explore one of the beautiful city in the world. 

Next step to me just start to paint more cityscapes about London.