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Holiday Gifts for Everyone.

I have online Holiday Gifts Event in my True Art Gallery! 

This is the first time when I have sale online on my page for the Miniature Paintings.

Usually I showing them and selling at the outdoor art shows, it help me to cover show expenses, if I don’t have good sale for the bigger works.

Artist have to pay a lot of money, for entries fee, for the booth place and promotion.
It’s not easy to sell the fine art, it’s a very challenging job and the little one, not very expensive Original Painting sometimes helps.

This time I decided to do something different.

I have promotion coupon as well on my page: GIFT10 just for this little paintings- 10% of price.

You can find it on my shop: Holiday Gifts

The coupon still valid till December 18, 2017

Small paintings, oil on canvas