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Art Workshop


              Last weekend, I was attending the workshop with renowned Canadian artist Rod Prouse to learn more about abstract.

“What do I want to paint and how do I want it” or “How we can spin our painting to give a voice in the content beyond representation” – this is was workshop description.

We had 12 very enthusiastic artists to learn something new, with different art experiences and background, but with the same desire about to meet a very good artist and experimenting with the new things.

I was using the acrylic paints and my goal was to paint a very non-objective painting inspired by Nature.












I started to paint another abstract acrylic painting on the second day. I was trying to have the bold colors and gestural strokes and paint not a very objective work. But at the end, I kind of lost my non-objective approaching to paint and started to show the landscape image – tree, sky, water…









Well, I think this painting is not finished yet. May be I will paint on the top of my work, to add more layers and texture and going back to non-objective abstract painting.