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Trip to Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park, Ontario


Elizabeth Elkin is painting, morning time
Elizabeth Elkin is painting en plain air.


Before afternoon, oil on canvas
Before afternoon, oil on canvas


I just returned from the trip to Killarney National Park with group of OSA artists. I did painting en plain air and I had an amazing time to enjoy the nature and the beauty of the Northern Ontario.

It’s about 5 hours drive from Toronto, and this destination is probably on of the favorite place for the artists to paint. A little bit art history is here, as Killarney National park Canada’s most famous painters, The Group of Seven, are said to have been responsible for the creation of Killarney. Once you visit, you quickly understand their passion. This is an enchanted region, with bright white quartzite hills contrasted sharply by wind swept green pines, red granite shorelines and the emerald waters of Georgian Bay.