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Trip to New York

One World Observatory,NYC

One World Observatory was opened just May 29 and I had a chance to visit it. It has 102nd floor, but the main public observation area is on the 100th floor. The Observatory tower uses multi-media videos illustrate 500 years of New York history while visitors climb to the top floors of the tower.

The view from the tower is magnificent, I did a lot of photos and I hoping to paint one day the series of the paintings from this view.

Also I visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, it has a spatial exhibition by Vincent Van Gogh and I was enjoying to see my favorite old masters paintings as well. I spent a lot of time in one of my the most favorite Museum of Modern Art. I also walked a lot in Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, and using subway on my way to the hotel. It’s time for me to continue to paint more paintings about New York City.